Recap: Anna talks about how her and Emilia are both currently under the weather with colds, how her due date w/ baby #2 has been changed, what Emilia is measuring in terms of weight and clothing size, how Emilia’s feedings/meals have changed, and about the new “world” Emilia has learned.

Anonymous asked:

I googled Anna's name to find her twitter and what not and there is some horrible page. :( Trolls. And i'm sorry this is unrelated, but I really love your tumblr.

Is it “Gossip Guru”? Because that site bullies a ton of ‘famous’ vloggers from Youtube ; Thanks. 

Anonymous asked:

i'm new to watching them. Searching for Anna's name there is this truth about anna saccone :(

What “truth” anon? Please, do tell. 

"Meet Our Second Baby!"


Recap: Jonathan and Anna go to get their 12 week ultrasound for baby # 2, who was quite active. The same day 1 year ago, Anna was being induced, about to deliver Emilia. Throughout the video she and Jonathan reminisce on the event. Anna prepares for Emilia’s birthday (which would be the day after the vlog was filmed), recalling a special tradition that her mother did for her that she’d like to pass on to Emilia.